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Training on Occupational Safety and Health Conditions on Construction Sector in Bangladesh was held




Bangladesh Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Foundation (OSHE) organized a daylong Training on “Occupational Safety and Health Conditions on Construction Sector in Bangladesh” with the support of International Labour Organization (ILO). It was held on 13th July 2010 at BIAM, Dhaka. A total of 57 participants (13 female) were attended the training program from different national trade union centre (NCCWE member organisations) working at construction sector.

The main objective of the training was to building basic capacity of the workers, employers and relevant stakeholders in construction sector about the occupational health and safety conditions on construction sector in Bangladesh.





The training was inaugurated by the short opening ceremony with the speech of Executive Director of OSHE, Mr. Repon Chowdhury, Programme Officer of ILO, Mr. Sayedul Islam and Mr. Bae Gye Wan, Director, Department of OSH in Korea by KOSHA followed by self introduction of the participants.

Then Mr. Repon presented a power point presentation on “Construction sector in Bangladesh: rights of workers and way out.” In his presentation, he shared experience of WISCON and elsewhere he focused on the status of construction sector in Bangladesh, OSH status, lrgal coverage, status of working condition, OSHE survey findings workplace death and injury in construction sector in 2009, WISCON Actions and key lessons learned.

Then Mr. Wan, Director, Department of OSH in Korea by KOSHA shared his experience on “ Development of OSH in Korea’ focusing on statistics of occupational accidents and diseases, OSH legislation, Recent Amendment of OSHA, safety and health issues in the economic development including Major issues by chronology, New challenges, Increase of Migrant Workers and Expanding of International Regulation on OSH.

The training was closed by a sensitizing video show based on importance of life skill training.










For more information: A.R. Chowdury REPON, OSHE