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Accident survey report 2014

465 Workers Lost Lives in 2014; Construction, Garments, Agriculture, Day Labour and Ship Breaking Workers in Peak

465 workers lost lives (Formal Sector - 211 and Informal Sector - 254) and 444 workers were injured (Formal Sector - 349 and Informal Sector - 95) in different workplace accidents from January 01 to December 31, 2014 where 847 were male workers, 57 were female workers and the rest 05 were unidentified.

Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) has revealed this quarterly workplace accident report based on monitoring 15 leading national daily newspapers of the country and reports of its field offices in different parts of the country.

As per the findings, in formal sector, the highest number of workers’ casualties (Died - 111 and Injured - 58) took place in Construction sector and the second highest number of workers’ casualties (Died - 23 and Injured - 108) took place in Garments (sweater, waving, knitting, spinning and composing) industries. Moreover, the ship breaking sector brought about 15 deaths and 34 injuries. 

In informal sector, the highest number of workers’ casualties (Died - 72 and Injured - 21) took place in Agriculture sector while the second highest number of workers’ casualties (Died - 54 and Injured - 09) was seen in Construction (Household related; personally) sector. 34 deaths and 23 injuries were seen in day labour sector.    

The major causes, found for these deaths and injuries are electrocution, factory fire, falling from height or ship, thunderstorm/lighting, boiler or water pope explosion and Building/Roof/Wall Collapse. Electrocution killed 170 workers and injured 46. Factory fire caused 11 deaths and 111 injuries. Falling from height/ship caused 71 deaths and 15 injuries.  Thunderstorm/lighting caused death of 63 and injury of 23 workers while Boiler or water pope explosion brought about 09 deaths and 16 injuries. And Building/Roof/Wall Collapse killed 22 workers and injured 51 workers.

Furthermore, in a comperative study, the year 2013 claimed more casualities than the years 2012 and 2014. 1727 deaths and 2307 injuries were seen in 2013 whereas in 2012 and 2014, the casualities were respectively 361 (death of 206 and injury of 155) workers and 909 (death of 465 and injury of 444) workers.  




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